The magic white pill

There is no way that a person has not tried the small white pill yet. At least once in a lifetime everyone has reached out a hand for the well-known medicine, called Aspirin. Probably this is the medicine that is the most used and the most popular in the industry of pharmacy. ‘Aspirin’ is actually the commercial name, used for marketing goals.

The main substance is acetylsalicylic acid. The pharmaceutical company of Bayer sells the product under the name of Aspirin. The chemical formula is C9H8O4. There is no doubt that this company has a lot to be proud with – the Aspirin owns the total world record of sales among the medical products. Today many other companies produce and sell the most popular and the most used acid ever, but of course under similar names.

Today 35 000 tons of ACA are produced, Aspirinand that makes many, many millions of pills, reaching millions of homes and people per year. The first use of the ‘magical’ feature of the acid, brings us way back in the past and Hippocrates. The Greek found out that the coat of the willow tree had some painkilling effect on the body. He used to give it to the women during their birth to help kill some of the pain. Probably there is no other medicine that is full of so many benefits for the health.

In 2004 a new positive side effect is discovered in England. It is that the Aspirin helps the white blood cells travel faster when there is a reason for them to travel – such a reason is when there is a wound anywhere in the skin, so the Aspirin helps wounds heal faster. It is proved that the ACA has many other positive side effects: it lowers the risk of getting cancer, it has good effect on people suffering of diabetes, it lowers the risk of troubles during the pregnancy, it has good effects at the whole cardiovascular system – heart, blood pressure, etc. The Aspirin must not be taken by people suffering from ulcer, because the acid may cause painful stomach acidity and a lot of bleeding inside the stomach.

The person that invented the Aspirin is the German Felix Hoffman. To him belongs the first patent of the painkiller. The Aspirin is the pills that lowers the temperature, and helps any kind of pain go away – pain in the stomach, in the muscles, headache, and toothache. It’s very unpleasant when a person gets the virus of the flu, either during the summer or during the winter. In both cases the Aspirin helps a lot.

The painkiller is absolutely the Best Seller in the pharmacy ever; therefore its popularity is explainable. After all, like with anything else, taking the white pill should not be overdosed and, of course the ACA pill should not be taken without a good reason, because sooner or later the positive effects might turn into bad ones. The magic white pill might have many positive effects, but eventually the body has its own environment, and the less we bother it with any medical substances, the better for the organism.

What about the antibiotics

There are some reasons why antibiotics are misunderstood. Here are some stuff, facts and tips about the strongest medicines in the pharmacy. Today antibiotics are applied even for the smallest doubt of infection. The mass production for the mass usage of them brings the “success” of many complications, such as: resistance of the different bacteria towards the antibiotic, side effects, allergic reactions. These facts are actually the beginning of some “rumors” about the antibiotics.

Rumor 1: All the antibacterial medicines are equal to antibiotic medicine. The first ones are different from the real antibiotics, in the way of their influence against the microbes, as well as their efficacy, and the way they go away out of the organism.

Rumor 2: Antibiotics cure flu and cold. This statement has wide popularity, but antibiotics antibioticscannot cure viruses and even some infections. Viruses cause illnesses such as flu, measles, pox, hepatitis A, B and C, and some others. Against such viruses antibiotics don’t work or have any kind of effect. Also antibiotics can do nothing against any kind of parasitic fungus.

Rumor 3: Antibiotics are evil… Recently this kind of statement has become very popular. It also says they are extremely bad for the organism, therefore they must not be taken at any situations or conditions. Many people, believing these wrong statements, refuse to take the appropriate for their condition antibiotic, even in emergency cases. In spite of the fact that some antibiotics have some side effects, there are medicines which taken together with the antibiotic, work extremely well for the organism, and lower the risks of any side effects and other complications.

Such term as “dependency upon an antibiotic” does not exist. If it is about to saving a life, the situation could be under control only while taking the antibiotics. They are also very important for the body after surgeries to protect it from bacteria and infection. An example of what happens, when someone does not take antibiotics when it’s needed, could be a case of angina. When an angina is not treated with the appropriate antibiotics, it’s possible for some complications to appear, such as rheumatism, myocarditis, even some complications with the kidneys.

Rumor 4: When a particular antibiotic has helped for a particular disease, it means it will work out for something else. This statement does show the level of the most simple basic knowledge and education. The similar symptoms don’t mean the disease is the same. Even if the disease is the same, the treatment will be different, because the bacteria very, very often tend to adapt towards the antibiotic. When it’s about the strongest medicines, made in the pharmacy ever, and when it’s about the healthy end of a disease, people must not deceive themselves, they must see a doctor and trust their opinion.

You can learn more about antibiotics on the video below.

The vaccine

The world of pharmacy might be proud with one invention that has changed the world – the vaccine. Thanks to the vaccine, many diseases can be controlled, limited or healed very quickly. The flu, for example, could damage seriously the organism of a baby since the young body has not built the immune system yet. It is important for the babies to be protected from the rough cold period.

The positive effect of the anti-flu vaccine is very high – about 70-90%. These vaccines could be applied to kids older than 6 months. From this flu vaccineage the baby’s immune system starts to get weaker, and the organism will not be able to fight the viruses by itself. The dose depends on the age. The doctors are well familiar with them. The best time to apply the vaccine is in October-November, the period before the flu starts to spread around. The organism needs at least 15 days to build up antibodies which will fight the flu.

The immune effect lasts one year. To apply any vaccine, the person must be in a good health condition. It is extremely important for the child to get the vaccine, especially if it suffers from asthma, diabetes, or any disorders that refers to the heart. The reason for the last one is that, the children’s organisms with their problems are weak and they fight with more difficulty against infections. In most of the cases the healthy organism can fight with the flu by itself, without any medicines, therefore it’s important to see a doctor before taking any decisions about vaccines.

Not all the children need the anti-flu vaccine – the ones, raised in a good environment and with healthy food, very often don’t need the vaccine. The reason why children are ill in the winter is the cold weather. First, it affects the immune system. Unfortunately the children get the viruses from other children very easily. Therefore the earlier immune improving actions are taken, the better for the future health of the child. The effect of the vaccines is the same, no matter what kind of virus they are meant to fight against.

Tanks to the vaccine, the organism creates antibodies beforehand. This is how the body gets prepared in case big amount of virus cells attacks it. The bigger the attack is, the more antibodies the organism creates. Usually the amount of antibodies is enough for the organism to be prepared for even a harder attack and not get sick. But still if the body gets sick, the body goes through the whole process very quickly, with no complications.

The production of vaccines involves using a lot of modern technologies. The side effects are lowered to the absolute minimum. Each vaccine contains a group of dead, non-active viruses, which cannot make the organism get sick. They only help the immune system to recognize the nature of the “the enemy”, and fights with it later if necessary. Possible side effects to the organism are: the spot of the skin where the vaccine was applied gets a bit bigger and kind of pink or red; a little bit of fever; overall weakness, etc. But those symptoms go away for a day or two.

In the period of the 15 days while the antibodies are building inside the organism, the person should take care and pay attention to be in a healthy condition.