The magic white pill

There is no way that a person has not tried the small white pill yet. At least once in a lifetime everyone has reached out a hand for the well-known medicine, called Aspirin. Probably this is the medicine that is the most used and the most popular in the industry of pharmacy. ‘Aspirin’ is actually the commercial name, used for marketing goals.

The main substance is acetylsalicylic acid. The pharmaceutical company of Bayer sells the product under the name of Aspirin. The chemical formula is C9H8O4. There is no doubt that this company has a lot to be proud with – the Aspirin owns the total world record of sales among the medical products. Today many other companies produce and sell the most popular and the most used acid ever, but of course under similar names.

Today 35 000 tons of ACA are produced, Aspirinand that makes many, many millions of pills, reaching millions of homes and people per year. The first use of the ‘magical’ feature of the acid, brings us way back in the past and Hippocrates. The Greek found out that the coat of the willow tree had some painkilling effect on the body. He used to give it to the women during their birth to help kill some of the pain. Probably there is no other medicine that is full of so many benefits for the health.

In 2004 a new positive side effect is discovered in England. It is that the Aspirin helps the white blood cells travel faster when there is a reason for them to travel – such a reason is when there is a wound anywhere in the skin, so the Aspirin helps wounds heal faster. It is proved that the ACA has many other positive side effects: it lowers the risk of getting cancer, it has good effect on people suffering of diabetes, it lowers the risk of troubles during the pregnancy, it has good effects at the whole cardiovascular system – heart, blood pressure, etc. The Aspirin must not be taken by people suffering from ulcer, because the acid may cause painful stomach acidity and a lot of bleeding inside the stomach.

The person that invented the Aspirin is the German Felix Hoffman. To him belongs the first patent of the painkiller. The Aspirin is the pills that lowers the temperature, and helps any kind of pain go away – pain in the stomach, in the muscles, headache, and toothache. It’s very unpleasant when a person gets the virus of the flu, either during the summer or during the winter. In both cases the Aspirin helps a lot.

The painkiller is absolutely the Best Seller in the pharmacy ever; therefore its popularity is explainable. After all, like with anything else, taking the white pill should not be overdosed and, of course the ACA pill should not be taken without a good reason, because sooner or later the positive effects might turn into bad ones. The magic white pill might have many positive effects, but eventually the body has its own environment, and the less we bother it with any medical substances, the better for the organism.